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Installation Projects

Plumbing supply is very important aspect of a house and with the advancement of technology it is improving day by day.
During construction of a house copper plumbing pipes are placed on floor and concrete slabs are placed over them.
So, if some leak is produced in them, the concrete slab has to be broken down to approach the leak.

Sump pumps

sump pump

are used to remove water that accumul ates in a sump pit. Sump pits are typically placed in basements or crawl spaces beneath a home.The purpose of sump pits is to collect water in one place for easy drainage to a place away from the home or building. Water may build up as a result of a high water table, drainage from a collection system or direct run-off.





High-Efficiency Toilets

From flushing power to water conservation to noise reduction, KOHLER toilets deliver exceptional performance.



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Sewer pipe Camera Inspection
Sewer pipe Camera Inspection

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