Water Damage Services

Water DamageWater damage can occur in your home or business for a variety of reasons. You may have a broken pipe or your hot water heater breaks. There we can help you recover quickly from a water damage with our 24/7 e may be flooding outdoors or even your own sprinkler system not operating properly. Whatever the reason, they key is to get that water out as soon as possible. We know that this can occur at any moment which is why we are dedicated to providing you with such services any day and any time ( even Sundays and Holidays). We are the top provider of water damage restoration services in the entire area. We want to help you recover from the situation as quickly and as afford ably as possible. Immediate action is needed though, so that you don’t end up with forms of bacteria forming in your floors and walls. You also don’t want to have to deal with mold or mildew as they can cause serious health problems for your family and your pets.

Chances are you will be upset when such water damage occurs, but we are here to help you get through it. We have the right equipment, the right training, and access to the right products to help you recover quickly from water damage. We are going to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible to make this an issue that you no longer have to deal with. We guarantee that the quality of our work is something you will be extremely pleased with as well.

Water DamageWater Damage

Call us as soon as you notice water damage has occurred. We want to prevent the growth of mold & bacteria.

Carpet Cleaning

There are many carpet cleaners in this town that offer carpet cleaning but do they offer you the complete experience? Here is what you will get from SINA Carpet Care.
I can assure you that it is beyond what you can get from any of the competition around here.
We treat you right from start to finish so you end up with great looking carpets for a very fair price.

1. Pre Inspection

We always start with a pre inspection so that both sides know what to expect. Our technicians are well trained so they can give you a great estimate based on the square footage, size of the home or business and your relationship with us. You will get an estimate up front of what the cost will be before anything is done.

2. Pre Vacuum

We will use our advanced equipment to pre vacuum your carpets too before we begin to clean them. The more soil that we can remove the easier the cleaning process will be. It will also result in you having carpets that are as clean as possible.

We are available for all services on

SINA Commercial Carpet Cleaning

SINA Carpet Cleaners is proud to offer the best carpet cleaning and restoration solutions for commercial interiors with years of experience. We offers a complete and comprehensive array of carpet cleaning solutions for all types of businesses, both small and large.
SINA  carpet cleaners is committed to providing your business a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful indoor environment. All cleaning methods are at attractive prices with special discounts for businesses.

With world-class, quality service and state-of-the-art equipment, we have both the skill and resources necessary to remove even the toughest stains from your carpet and commit to your business needs.

office cleaning

Commercial CleaningAs a business your needs are bigger and our SINA carpet cleaners offer powerful emulsifiers for heavy foot traffic as well as an array of deodorizers and odor eliminators. We also use carpet and fabric protectors to allow your carpet to withstand the heavier commercial traffic and look great for years to come.

Commercial clients are involved in the cleaning methods selection process in order to ensure the correct choice for the business at affordable prices. The nature of our work with the business sector is principally based on long-term working relationships backed by personal and reliable service.

SINA carpet cleaners highly trained and certified team members know best-how to get the job done efficiently to your complete satisfaction at a low cost . The technicians are aware of your business needs and commit to provide you the best outstanding SINA carpet cleaning experience, as well as our staff keeping educated in new and improved methods. We are pleased that we see the same faces year after year and hope your business will take part in our large commercial client

If you hire us three times a year for any services, for the third one we offer you 60% discount on your service.

We are available for all services on Saturdays and Sundays too. Call us and schedule for your weekends or after your work. 24 hours, 7 days a week



Sina Sewer & Drain Services Emergency Direct Phone
Sina Sewer & Drain Services knows the dynamics of plumbing and is dedicated to providing our customers with quality service at competitive prices. We will service all of your plumbing needs with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Grease Trap Cleaning /Catch Basin Cleaning 224-217-9653
Water Damage/flooded Basement Cleanup 847-708-8632
Emergency 24 Hours plumbing Issues, Sewer Backup

Sewer pipe Camera Inspection
Sewer pipe Camera Inspection

Sina Sewer & Drain Services specialists Sewer pipe Camera Inspection Ready To help you For Home or Your Business.
Drain Blocked,or, Drain Very Slow Dingoes and troubleshooting sewer line Camera Inspection, 24/7 Same Day Service.
Sewer Main Repair, Sewer line Replacement or Pipe Lining with Sina Sewer & Drain Services .