Our commercial and residential rental properties have benefitted much from the business of Sina Plumbing group because of the following characteristics of their services: Being punctual, competative in price, efficient in performance, and standing behind their commitment to do the work that is proper. In addition, their immediately responding to some of our emergency situations have saved us plenty of cash.

By Babi / Northbrook

I can never forget that nightmare that Sina Plumber turned it into a sweet relief and that was when my basement was flooded this winter. They took care of the problem in a professional and efficient manner and that made me say to myself they are my lifesavers. Now I only call them and Know one else
by Bill Hanes in Harwood Heights, IL

At night I felt water dripping on my head and I knew I had to call a plumber I called several companies but they didn’t help at all. After calling Sina Plumber services they came on time and got the job done, they offer the reasonable price I could ever find, they were really expert. From know on I will call sina plumber and I will refer them to all my friend’s
Evanston IL Mr forest

I  was very pleased to know sina plumber services. They are very Professional and frieny. They solved my house plumbing problem Very fast. I recommended  other people to use their services
North brook

Sina pluming service is always on time, ready, and has the right materials
Highland park

I will call this company again and I am going to refer to my friends because they are on time,

reliable ,responsible
January 09, 2010 by  jafari in Glenview, IL

Thanks to  your experienced and  knowledgeable workers ; Outstanding job, keep up the good work, Sina Plumbing Drain Service!


Excellent Service, Great attitude. By Morteza – Jun 11, 2010
I must say: They are absolutely great in all aspects of business. What a timely and professional company. My experience was with plumber, Kevin. He was very nice and knowledgeable. Even though the problem was simple he took the time to do go through all the necessary steps and do the job right. He was a very pleasant and polite guy. If I ever have another plumbing problem, I’d request him again!? Thanks Kevin.?


Best customer service
He is excellent in customer service, very reliable, clean, ontime, professional, fair price. I will go call him defenetly if need any pluming needs.

June 12, 2010 by Jenny in Lincolnshire, IL

Sina Plumbing and Drain Service provided excellent customer service and was very reasonably priced for the amount of work I had done on my home. The work was done in a very clean and sanitary manner. I would definitely recommend their services for anything from minor work to more exessive plumbing issues.

June 12, 2010 by William Olson in Vernon Hills, IL

My kitchen sink was clogged the other day. I was looking on Google and saw, Sina plumbing came up, and they had pretty good reviews. They came and gave me a solution, of the clogged sink. They said I should use pipe treatment, because it is organic. I liked the way the technician was nice and came in wearing shoe covers. My sink does not back up anymore or smell bad, like it used to before. Sina plumbing is way better than other plumbing services I have called before.

April 1, 2011 by Jennifer in Lincoln park

I own a restaurant, and last week my restaurant had two clogged sinks. We could not use the sinks for washing the plates. We had to find a plumber fast. We looked and looked but every company we called would not come, because it was in the afternoon. I called sina plumber and they were willing to go. They came and used a hydro jetter to clean out both the drains for the sinks. I love sina plumbing because they came fast, without me having to close the restaurant the next day. I am always going to call this company and even made a deal with them for future events.

April 7, 2011 by john Lee in Arlington HTS




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